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My family has been associated with Tuxford since the 1920s when my grandfather moved to Tuxford setting up a motor and taxi business called Sanderson's Garage in the Market Place. My mother and father lived in the village for 55 years.


Whilst at college, my late mother researched the history of Tuxford and since then she has collected many photographs and newspaper cuttings about Tuxford. In the 1990s I attended many postcard fairs collecting many old postcards of Tuxford. I used this information to build my first Tuxford website back in 1998. For nostalgic reasons I have left this site online at


A few years ago my mother gave me all her photographs, some of which were given to her by the late Ray Dawson. This became the catalyst for me to create Old Tuxford as a photographic archive. Many of the photographs have no accompanying information so I am hoping that some of you will be able to send in information via the Contact button opposite. I'd like to know who took the photograph, what event does it portray, who are the people present, when was it taken, in fact anything you can provide will be most welcome.


Mike Sanderson,

Malvern Hills,