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This is where I would like to express by thanks to the photographers.


Nowadays everyone seems to have a mobile phone with an integral camera so there will be no shortage of images of the modern digital world that we live in. A hundred years ago it was very different and we have to thank people like professional photographer Edgar Welchman who took many thousands of images around North Nottinghamshire.


Many of the images in Old Tuxford are from postcards, some are by Welchman, others by national companies such as Frith. In the early twentieth century, journeys took longer and as Tuxford was on the Great North Road many people must have stopped there and sent their loved ones a postcard of Tuxford.


Old Tuxford contains many images centered around what is now Tuxford County Primary School. The 1978 centenary photographs were professionally produced and made available for all to purchase at the time. Other photographs were no doubt taken by amateurs, probably parents at events they attended.


The people that I know I need to thank are my mother, Doris Sanderson who who has lived in Tuxford for over 50 years and over the years has accumulated a wealth of information about the village, the late Ray Dawson who had a similar passion and Eric Coddington for railway images. Ivor Rich, Malcolm Sandilands and Philip Arnold supplied some army photographs.


There are many other photographers that I would like to acknowledge but unfortunately their images remain anonymous. My hope is that people viewing Old Tuxford will be able to email me information. There are many unidentified faces, especially in the Tuxford School area.