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Richard Whitehead
22/02/2014 19:35:47
Some wonderful photographs on this site of a village where my maternal grandparents lived for many years. They were Gertrude and Frank Price and lived at 79 Newcastle Street. My mother was Thelma Price who had two sisters Pam,Nancy and a brother Bob.
Ann Carrington
27/01/2014 21:54:54
Enjoyed your site and all the fascinating photos of Tuxford. Tried to contact you via here but link not working, emailed you via your old site. I learned something today never heard of Chandos Court before. Brilliant site please keep updating.
Kevin Patrick Mulhall
08/12/2013 15:11:48
I was the last lampman/shunter at Tuxford Central when the line became 1 track I was transferd to Mansfield cs before moving to Newark ng I retired from BR end of 1993 as a Rail Supervisor at Worksop
Claire Reid
24/10/2013 20:04:20
I was born in Tuxford,at home,at #2 Lexington Gardens in Nov 1969, my family,Brian & Ann Reid formerly Roys) emmigrated to Canada in 1978, we all have many fond memories of the village, primary school,fire station and mostly family/friends great site
Christopher Holland
31/01/2013 00:29:56
Former pupil of the Primary & Secondary schools. Primary school from January 1976 - July 1979, I think! I knew two Mrs. Sandersons, one of which was my tutor for the final year - she is photod 1976 & 1978. I think the other is your mother?
Barbara Cosford
26/01/2013 21:00:05
My G G Grandfather, Tom Taylor, was born in Tuxford in 1856. Parents John and Sarah + 4 children lived at Girtons Yard in 1851. Any info on the family, descendents, address etc gratefully received. Thanks
jan fields
18/08/2012 07:12:13
my grandparents lived in tuxford for a while on 1911 census they living at ashby house newark rd tuxford i have google street viewed it but no buildings look old enough now can anyone tell me where the house was or is if it still there thankyou
Tim Gresham
26/07/2012 13:14:05
We lived at the police station around 1965 and i was athe primary school and moved to the secondary school about 1966.My dad was the local police sargent and we have many happy memories of those days
Ann Holland
30/04/2012 07:46:42
Lovely and useful site. My ancestors go back to 1700s in Tuxford. Hope to visit this October with descendants from USA too.
michael framp
22/12/2010 19:37:11
when are we going to have the site updated
mr cameron ellis
24/11/2010 20:24:57
my family originate from tuxford and i have a signed certificate of my great grandads.he attented tuxford church sunday school in the year 1895 and the vicar A.P. Woodhouse signed it in recognition of my grandads attendance..
John Britt
25/03/2010 23:25:42
The site brings many memories of a very happy childhood in Tuxford.
Jane Wells
05/03/2010 15:30:41
Great site - we are new to the area and love to see old images of how things used to look. We live at Eel Pie Farm Markham Moor / West Drayton and wondered if anyone had any pictures of the place or o
Pam Hancock
27/02/2010 16:36:52
found the site very interesting,also i live in Bryan Clarks old house Dalston House on Clark Lane is there anyone looking at the site who may have any info on the dance hall/bowling green etc or teas
Jo Makin
28/01/2010 11:08:04
Just checking the book works for new visitors.Well done on getting the site done - excellent work!
Mike Sanderson
Just to test that the visitors book is working

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